Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hopefully Not A Sign Of Things To Come

Today I took part in a mock Israeli election sponsored by a local Israel advocacy group. Anyway, before the election, a "debate" was held, and much to my disappointment, only the leaders of the three "most important" parties (Labor, Likud, and Kadima) were represented in it, so the entire debate had a decidedly secular slant to it. It's like religious Zionism didn't matter. To be honest though, I didn't really expect it to. Not here anyway. Given the setting of this event, I guess I should be glad enough that Bibi Netanyahu, and right-wingers in general, were actually portrayed as sensible people with valid points. And that minor parties were included on the ballot.

I, by the way, voted NU-NRP. Not that it made any difference in the end.

Guess who won? Labor (duh), with ten votes to Kadima's nine, Likud's three, and Meretz's one. There was, oddly enough, also a vote for Shas.

Go figure.


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