Wednesday, February 01, 2006


For a while, I wasn't sure whether or not I should even write about what happened yesterday in Amona, because, to be honest, none of the words I or anyone else knows could accurately convey my horror.

They still cant.

Of all the things I never expected to happen in my lifetime, seeing Jews pulling other Jews from their homes, throwing stones and spilling each other's blood for the whole world to see definitely tops the list. Those events belong to an alternate universe. What kind of Jewish state does things like this? I was so sure that after what happened in Gaza last August, people in Israel would finally come to their senses, that they'd stop something like that from ever happening again. Looks like I was wrong.

Where are our Jewish leaders going to draw the line? How far are they ready to go and how much are they willing to give up before they finally figure out that the Palestinians don't want peace, that they never have and probably never will? What gets me more than anything about this is how unfair the whole situation is. When was the last time any of us saw the Palestinians making any sacrifices on the level of Israel's Disengagement? What have they given up for peace? Anyone?

Tovya is right: secular Zionism has been an absolute failure. But I guess that should've been obvious to all of us from the start, since Zionism without Torah is meaningless, and that it's hard for anyone to be an unfailing advocate of the Jewish state, and at the same time downplay G-d's role in what happens to us. It just doesn't work. Look at Olmert, who's using the violence at Amona for political gain, and wouldn't mind giving away half of Jerusalem to placate people who just voted for terrorists. Is this what the average Israeli is looking for in a leader, how many Jews he's willing to evict from their homes, and how many Jewish communities he's ready to destroy?

Too many of us are placing all of our faith in the U.S., Europe, and mankind in general to ensure Israel's safety, when the truth is that if the Jewish people had to depend on the rest of the world for its survival, none of us would be here today. We can only completely rely on Hashem to protect us, and Israel's government is obviously afraid to do that. Unless that changes and it chooses a real Jewish leadership willing to stand up for Israel and the Jews a whole --at any cost-- Israel is going to end up conceding itself out of existence.

G-d forbid.

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