Wednesday, February 22, 2006

G.I. Jews

There's a good article by Lt. Laurie Zimnet at the Aish site about her thoughts on serving in Iraq.

From "In My Boots":

"I am honored to serve our country, proud to wear the cloth of our nation, and mine is an exciting job... I do feel like I'm doing good for God, especially since these same people we go after not only harbor a disdain for America and all she holds dear, but not surprisingly, they abhor Israel as well, and most especially the Jews.

...I implore you to appreciate your uniform in God's army -- your kippa and tzitzis, your modest dress, your holy speech, your Shabbos table, your children's cheder, your Jewish life, your yiddishkeit. You don't need world travel, adventures, or medals on your chest to feel a life fulfilled. You're already a hero. "

Also, check out the latest post from the Jews in Green blog: The "J" Word (on proselytizing in the military).

Semper chai. :)

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