Monday, February 06, 2006

Outrage and Hypocrisy in the Muslim World

The escalating riots over the Mohammed caricatures in European newspapers only go to further illustrate the illogic of the Muslim world.

Let me start off by saying that I do understand why Muslims would find those drawings offensive, and if I were a Muslim, I'd probably be angry too. But if I didn't want to be stereotyped as violent and terroristic, I sure as heck wouldn't go around killing people and torching public property to prove it.

And even as it decries the way its been portrayed by others, the Muslim world continues to add fuel to its own antisemitic propaganda mill. According to the European-Jewish Press, the Muslims of Europe have come out with a few drawings of their own:

A Dutch Jewish organization has filed charges with the public prosecutor after a Belgian-Dutch Muslim political organization, the Arab European League, posted several anti-Semitic cartoons on its website last Saturday.

The cartoons published on the AEL’s website feature anti-Semitic and inflammatory images including a scene where Anne Frank is in bed with Adolf Hitler. In the cartoon Hitler is pictured saying to Anne Frank “Write this one in your diary, Anne.”

Another has Steven Spielberg and Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson discussing making a film on the Holocaust with Jackson quoted as saying "I don’t think I have that much imagination."

Of all of the topics available and all the groups they could have chosen to offend while making their point, the fact that they aimed straight for the Jews with Holocaust revisionist material is hardly a coincidence. It's their way of exacting revenge, I guess. And it doesn't matter that we didn't do anything to deserve it. Why let the truth get in the way?

Which reminds me: I hope that those of you who claim that the Muslims are so ineffective whenit comes to standing up to terrorists committing atrocities in their name because they're "so poorly organized" get a clue and find a new excuse, as their behavior in the is past week has shown them to be quite the opposite. Sure, they can mobilize... whenever it's to their own advantage.

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