Monday, February 27, 2006

For The Record

I didn't think I'd have to do this yet, but it seems I have to set the record straight regarding a certain misconception about me. As you can see, the first comment on my tagboard (from someone other than me) came from a person who seriously believes I've been brainwashed and wants to know who filled my head with hate.


First off, I'm not a hater. Not of the Palestinians, or the French, or Muslims, or Arabs, or... It's just not my thing and it wouldn't do anyone a bit of good if I did hate all of those people. There's no point to it.

Sure, I'm very critical of the Palestinians. I don't think their claims to statehood are legitimate, they made the conscious decision to let terrorists represent them, and they'll ultimately suffer because of their actions. But does that mean I hate every single one of them? Definitely not. In fact, I go to school with them and work with a few of them on a daily basis and I wouldn't ever decide not to be friends with any of them just because they're Palestinian.

I think the Muslim community has been wrong in using violence and terrorism in the name of Islam to protest people who accuse them and their religion of being violent and conducive to terrorism. And they're hypocrites for decrying the publication of anything casting them in a less-than-positive light while using their own media outlets to broadcast their venom against my people. I support anyone's right to make incendiary statements or publish offensive material, whether it's the European press regarding the Mohammed caricatures or David Irving's lies about the Holocaust. Free speech works both ways.

And yeah, I really do believe the Europeans are making a tragic mistake as they ignore reality and pretend there's nothing wrong with their Muslim population, and that if they don't pull their heads out of the sand soon and meaningfully address the issue, things will only get worse.

I don't get how my views on any of these issues make me a hateful person. Call me blind, but I'm just not seeing it.

So, Wagstalf from London, whoever you are, just because I don't agree with you, it doesn't make me a bigot or a hater. And, some advice: In your position, I'd worry a little less about who talks to me at school and much more about why you think it's okay to pass judgement on someone you don't even know.

But that's just me.


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