Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've apparently been tagged by Stevin, of Ionetic fame. So this is my first meme. How cool is that?

The mission: Come up with ten of life's simple pleasures I appreciate the most and then tag ten more people to do the same. The only drawback is that I can't list things someone else already has. That's going to be a little hard, since a lot of Stevin's answers happened to concide with my own. Oh well.

Anyway, here goes...

--School: I know I spend an awful lot of time griping about UIUC, but I do I love being surrounded by people who actually want to learn... even if I don't agree with them most of the time.

--Spending time with the parental units. Being away from them for months at a time has made me appreciate them a little more. Who'd have thought?

--Thunderstorms... when I'm inside, of course. They frighten and fascinate me at the same time.


--Two words: Snail mail. I love getting letters. Even junk mail.

--Homework. I'm a shameless nerd.

--Going to the library. Especially when I get so involved in what I'm doing there that I lose track of time.

--Spoken Hebrew: One of my favorite sounds in the whole world.


--Playing guitar, or just hearing someone else play one.

--Reading new posts from some of my favorite bloggers ... And it's just as nice seeing their comments on my own page. :)

Okay, that's actually more than ten. Guess I got carried away.

Now I'm supposed to tag ten other people, but I doubt that any of the other people who read me actually do memes. I could be wrong, though. So, does anyone want to be tagged?



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